Discover all the best bakes & chocolate in the Uk!


Are you still checking the ingredients list on those bakery & chocolate items?

Well, you’re in luck, we have done the work for you!

We are Raw & Flawless, the UKs first dedicated marketplace for vegan friendly bakes and confectionery.

We have been there too, gone into a store or searched an item online to check if the product has certain intolerances such as dairy, eggs, or other animal derived products only to find the rascals have snuck in 1% milk powder, sneaky, sneaky!

Drum roll please…

This is where Raw & Flawless comes in, we are a marketplace full of the best bakes and confectionary in the UK, and guess what?! They are all Plant Based and Vegan Friendly!

Yes we know, you can thank us later…

We appreciate how much time, effort, creativity, thought and love goes into these treats, so we want them all on one simple marketplace!

Raw & Flawless want to show compassion in everything we do, so we try and live by this. That’s why all our products listed are 100% Vegan Friendly too! We are commited to this and to providing a great service to our customers.



How it works

Our marketplace helps buyers find and purchase guilt free treats; bakes, chocolate, sweets, fudge, (anything your dentist will have a go at you for), while helping amazing bakers, creators, chocolatiers get more sales and extend their reach.

It works through 3 simple steps:

1)  Place your order for some tasty treats through our marketplace (send them as gifts, eat them all yourself, we don’t judge!)
2) Your product will then be hand made/baked by the seller
3) And then it will be delivered straight to your door


Our sellers benefit from low fees, no setup costs, great support, a growing community, and their own branded online store front which is reachable to the specific Plant Based market!

The payments are processed securely through PayPal and we try and resolve any issues that may occur. This in turn allows the sellers to continue to do what they do best, give people cavities… *cough*, we mean bake.

Vegan Cakes
Ordering something


You guys can find fresh, hand baked, delicious treats and gifts delivered straight to your door, some items may even fit through your letterbox!

Our search tools can help you pick a variety of baked goods, from Chocolate Hampers, Artisan Chocolate, Cakes that a certain Mary Berry would be proud of and Brownies that are unbelievably gooey! 

We aim to connect you to all the tastiest treats in the UK, nothing but quality ingredients and guilt free pleasures with secure purchases.

We want customers to have a ‘one stop’ shop for these types of products, without worrying they contain any animal products.

Our vision is to be the go to marketplace for bakes, treats, desserts, goodies, whatever you like to call them, no tofu or chickpea salads listed on here I’m afraid!

We thank you for your support,

Aaron & Katelynn x