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Valentine’s Chocolate Heart Lollipop


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Vegan mylk chocolate, 50% cacao mass, 65g lollipop, 9.5cm wide x 10cm high at longest points.

A romantic large chocolate heart lollipop perfect for Valentine’s Day. The sprinkles may be on the left or right of the heart. Please specify if you have a preference otherwise you will receive one at random.

All ingredients are organic and vegan giving you the full benefits of the cacao bean. This chocolate is handmade from bean to bar using traceable and sustainable Peruvian cacao, unrefined coconut blossom sugar and nothing else.

We make our unroasted chocolate from scratch, with traceable, high quality, and transparently traded single origin cacao, crafted into something uniquely delicious. Each cocoa bean carries a distinct flavor influenced by its growth conditions, such as the soil, climate, and the meticulous care of the producers during cultivation and processing. While traditional chocolate often loses its fruity essence due to roasting in pursuit of the classic chocolatey taste, we’re passionate about preserving and showcasing this natural fruit-forward flavour. That’s why we craft our chocolate without roasting, allowing you to savour and delight in these unique flavors.

Shop small. By buying this chocolate you’re supporting a small independent Uk business and it is much appreciated! Our artisan chocolate is handmade in-house from bean to bar by your chocolate maker and chocolatier, Vicky, who is constantly striving for perfection with every square. We used sustainably sourced Peruvian cacao from agro-forestry managed farms and the bars are sustainably wrapped in plastic-free packaging.


50% cacao Chocolate (cacao nibs*, coconut blossom sugar*, cacao butter*, cashew*), sprinkles (sugar, corn starch, potato starch, rice flour, vegetable fat (rice bran oil), colours (E160c paprika, E162 beetroot red, E136 anthocyanins, E171 titanium dioxide), anti-caking agent (potassium aluminium silicate), maltodextrin, stabilizers (gum Arabic), glazing agent (carnauba wax).

*organic ingredients
Cacao origin – Peru


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