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The Healthy Cake Co.

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In 2013, whilst working as a chef for a chain of gyms, Michael began experimenting with free from baking. Clients were looking for treats for people with allergies and intolerances, who found the offering at the time to be somewhat limited.


It seemed a tokenistic gesture towards coeliacs would appear on menus in the form of a brownie that tasted like cardboard. Worse yet, for those allergic to dairy perhaps they would be treated to an insipid avocado chocolate dessert, generously termed a 'mousse.'


Thankfully, Michael had creative control of the gym's menu. This meant that he could spend every day relearning the fundamentals of baking, refining, and creating previously unseen methods for making free from cake.


Gradually, the customer's savvy grew and demanded a low sugar alternative. considerable tweaking followed, and now Michael has developed countless iterations of his cakes; that are always free from gluten dairy and sugar.


In 2015 Michael formed The Healthy Cake Company and began selling at farmer's markets and food festivals across the south east, since 2017 he has been sending his cakes nationwide.